LaRRI Team

Michael Akuupa (director), Offias Mubaiwa (finance officer), Selma Amwele (administration), Caroline Beukes (reception), Lisetha Hanes (support). Reseach team: Lupanda Amkongo (intern), Patrick Kafuka (education coordinator).


LaRRI’s structure is composed of three decision-making bodies: the board, the managerial committee, and staff. At the same time, the institute’s team is grouped in three departments: (1) Administration, (2) Research, and (3) Education. Each has a head of department, which is responsible for not only performing their own role within the department, but to engage as the team leader of the department.



Cuana Angula (chairperson), Markus Kampungu, Immaculate Mogotsi (vice-chairperson) , Ranga Haikali, Andrew Corbett, Job Muniaro, Narina Pollmann


Management committee

Cuana Angula, Immaculate Mogotsi, Ranga Haikali, Dr Michael Uusiku Akuupa.


LaRRI has collaborated with: Ntwala Mwilima, Maria Namukwambi…

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